03 November 2009

Chicago author strikes again...soon...in May 2010

Who is it? Jen Lancaster, that's who. Visit her blog to find out all the details and pre-order My Fair Lazy today. And, yes, I'm a fan of Ms Lancaster. Swearing and all.
MFL cover
And how great is the cover? It's awesome, that's how great.

(See my posts "Muffy, our book is here""Like totally get on your boots...or clogs", and "Pretty Funny in Plaid" for my most recent musings on Jen's 2009 release, Pretty in Plaid).

Today's conundrum: When the polls close tonight, will you be rejoicing or saving up for a trip to the casino?

Future conundrum: Would you need strong drink or coercion to sing karaoke? Or do you go willingly onto that good stage? Perhaps it is a seasonal activity, e.g. during the holiday parties, etc? (You have "Brandy(You're a Fine Girl)" on the brain now, don't you?)

And now I'm thinking of DCA Karaoke master Peter McDowell. Hi, Peter.

Thanks for perusing this blog; blog you again soon!

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