01 February 2012


It's not every day that you sit down with your child and hear yourself coming back to you. Not your words of praise or admonishment. Not your 'catch phrases', humorous anecdotes, or words of wisdom. Not those typical queries and exchanges of travelling through a lifetime. This is something different.

Usually you hear tales of woe and wonder as seen through their eyes. You hear about how life isn't fair. You hear about how they don't get to do things 'everyone else' gets to do. You hear pleadings and ploys, and frustrations and facts. And laughter.

But then. Then you hear them say something that they've brought up from the deep dark. Something that they approach you with hesitantly, not wishing to cause offense. Something they are very serious about. They search your face for pre-approval. And you hear those words that you once thought but didn't dare utter. From thoughts so remote, from a soul on a quest.

And you sit. Stunned. Because you realise two things:

1. Possibly he's mentioned it because he came from you and it's embedded somewhere deep in his genes.
2. He said it. You never did, but he did. Just now. To you.

And you think perhaps you're doing something right after all.

Today's conundrum: When double-checking fails, is triple-checking warranted the next time? And if triple-checking fails, then what?

Future conundrum: Who will buy this wonderful morning?

Thanks for perusing this blog. See you again soon.  tIO x


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