02 November 2009

Banner Day! with LoveLetterCollage

It's another Banner Day on tIO! And today's banner comes by way of Jean Cody's wonderful Etsy shop, LoveLetterCollage.

First, I was drawn-in by the medium: gorgeous prints, decorative papers, and old high school yearbooks. (Hmmm... Clever!)
I was hooked, though, when I discovered that Jean would use your own photos to create something special:
MadeWithYourPhotos - Any Words on a Custom Banner - 14 letters - wedding    MadeWithYourPhotos - Any Words on a Custom Banner - 14 letters - wedding

Sweet! (This means, of course, that I have to get my act together and sort out which photos I want to include. Decisions, decisions...)

With her clever cutting and thoughtful choices, these little banners are sure to do just as she says in her profile: "
I hope my work will bring an element of warmth into your home and provide a little nourishment for your senses."

TTFN, kids: Off to start sorting snaps!
And remember to make it a banner day!

Thanks for perusing this blog; blog you again soon!

BANNER BONUS! Also from Jean and coming later this month on

1 comment:

jean said...

Hello Melinda! How nice to wake up this morning to your blog! Thank you so much for your lovely presentation of my banner on your great blog - I'm having fun exploring all your goodies. Best - Jean


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