28 January 2006

An adventure on the soapbox

Globalness. My husband, in his business, actually distinguishes between "being international" and "globalness". There you go. Sit back; have a laugh. No, it's not a word. But some concepts are just bigger than any word in the known English language. Globalness sounds pretty big to me. To his credit, my husband is working to eliminate the rampant use of "leveraging" in the documents his firm produces. ("Leveraging" - pervasive in the colloquial, but also not a word.) Truly mesmerizing, isn't it? Especially when you hear something frequently. It matters not how incorrectly words are used. (That was a VERY correct sentence, wasn't it?) What matters - and does so conclusively to the detriment of our lovely language - is the frequency with which you are exposed to the misuse. Please know that I am not immune; and when I realize my errors, I stand corrected. (By the way, how did that phrase - "I stand corrected" - come to be?) Therefore, I admonish you to consider your communications - verbal or otherwise. Little (and big) ears are listening.

Today's conundrum: Why are there boys in the Girl Scouts? Conversely, why are there girls in the Boy Scouts? Hey, everybody!...(imagine Grover hollering at...well, everybody)...girls and boys are different! We are interested in different things. We learn and experience life differently. We react to life differently. God made us wonderfully unique as genders. What is going on? - big leap - Will history bear out just how horribly the "I-know-better-than-you" baby-boom generation, who gave us the glorious 60's revulsions, destroyed the better fabric of our republic? I certainly hope that posterity will see what I see. Long live John Adams! Huzzah!

Future conundrum: When will "black" be the "new black"? I go through phases where I see no need to wear color as anything other than an understated accessory. Of course, I call them phases because there are times when black plays that same understated role.

Thanks for perusing this blog. Blog you again soon!

23 January 2006

Bears win! Bears win!...

Oh, wait. I already tried that. The Steelers won, which is good, and now Ben will get a chance to shave and dress for THE big game. I won't watch, and maybe he'll win. That's not inveterate optimism; that's just what you do to help your team win. That's why I miss whole seasons of Yankees games, particularly 1996 through 1999. Right now, I'm wondering if I should have watched less Alias and ignored Keen Eddie altogether.

By the way, today's mantra is "forgiveness". In the memorable words of Ken Medema: Give it up...let it go...throw it down.

Today's conundrum: Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? I loved that show, and the computer game. Please note that while I enjoyed my childhood/youth, I do not want/desire my children to relive my life. However, I certainly think that the value/enjoyment of that show/game would be beneficial to them. Do it Rockapella!

Future conundrum - Will animal prints, either in decor or in fashion, ever truly be stylish? OK...stylish, maybe, but classy? Tasteful?

Thanks for perusing this blog. Blog you again soon!

16 January 2006

Bears win! Bears win!

OK...so that's what I wanted to post. But, as the song says, "two out of three ain't bad". Actually, the Pats lost, too. But, you didn't necessarily know that I was rooting for them. So, one out of three is just 33%. We'll get 'em next year. (See...the inveterate optimism is real!)

Todays conundrum: Does anyone, other than Martha Stewart, actually cook every recipe in a cookbook? It is my personal goal for this year to do just that. My super-hyper goal is to achieve that once each quarter of 2006. My first "victim" is Nigella Bites by Nigella Lawson. LOVE her. My husband and I actually make ourselves giddy imagining that, were we to move to London, we would of course be friends with her and Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp, from "Location-trebled".

Future conundrum: Will the real silent majority please stand up? And who is silent, anyway? Everyone I talk with definately has an opinion, though some are better than others at both articulating it and doing so respectfully.

Thanks for perusing this blog. Blog you again soon!

15 January 2006

And so it begins...

On a day full of snow and sun, with Rothlisberger and Urlacher on the fields, and the ripples of laughter bubbling up from the rumpus room.

With each post, I intend to bring a little bit of my inveterate optimism to life through antecdotes and narratives, ideas, conundrums, and questions to ponder. I will espouse views and set upon diatribes which would be abject in polite company (read: discussions of faith and politics). In fact, at times I might sound a bit cynical or even rancorous. I'm not. However, be forewarned: I am someone who knows what I want, knows that it's out there, and likes to talk about it.

Enter my motto: I believe...

On to Today's Conundrum: Where can I find two high-backed wing chairs in cherry or chocolate leather with nailhead trim and mahogany Chippendale legs? And when I say "wing chairs" I'm talking about wings that almost wrap themselves around you, shielding you from drafts and cocooning you in the radiant warmth from the fire. Further, I would prefer to find them at a tag sale or from a reputable dealer who wants to make a fair profit from me and not gouge the joy out of the sale.

Future conundrum: Why won't those in the service industry respond to service calls? Ponder and let me know...

Thanks for perusing this blog. Blog you again soon!


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