17 March 2008

It might be easy being green

Lest I forget... here are some 'green' things to celebrate the day:

Today's conundrum: Why can I find no web sites with the lyrics to "Something Only God Can Do?"

Future conundrum: What kind of future will we have?

Thanks for perusing this blog. Blog you later soon!

Time out for fun!

I need to take a sec to pay homage to Etsy and its founders. I abso-fabulously love the whole concept, and browse daily. I had not imagined that there are so many talented people - and all quietly doing their thing. Here are some of recent faves: (click the photo to see the designer's Etsy name)

Visit www. etsy .com for these and more wonderful inspirations!

Today's conundrum: How can the trees lose leaves and then know when to grow them back again?

Future conundrum: Will the Japanese beetles decimate our roses and hollyhocks again this summer?

Thanks for perusing this blog. Blog you again soon!


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