25 November 2009

Good Gravy!

With Thanksgiving upon us, I feel the need to share: I am enamored with gravy boats, also known as saucieres. In fact, any vessel with a spout, really, will capture my attention. Here are some beauties:

Match Pewter gravy boat, available at Manor Home & Gifts 

Polka Dot Gravy Boat & Saucer
Emma Bridgewater "Polka Dot" gravy boat, available at Joanne Hudson Basics

19thC Tiffany Repousse Sterling Silver gravy boat, available through GoAntiques.com

Spode Stafford White Sauce Boat 16 ounce and Stand
Spode 'Stafford White' sauce boat and plate, available online at The Kitchen Clique

Product Image Royal White Gravy Boat
The 'Royal White Gravy Boat', available at Target stores and online

I hope these were inspiring; I can't wait to fill our 'boats' tomorrow!
That's all for now, lovelies. Enjoy your Thanksgiving! And know that I am thankful for you.

Today's conundrum: My mother, with the broken shoulder, is bringing seven pies to the meal tomorrow. Seven. Is she seriously baking from scratch today? And if so, how does one roll crust with the use of only one arm?

Future conundrum: Will this be the year that we get through
Squanto and the football game without anyone falling asleep?

PS  A 'spouted vessel' bonus for your (or perhaps just my) enjoyment:
   "Tuscan pitcher" from Southern Living at Home
MELAMINE MIXING BOWLSRed melamine mixing bowls from Nigella

Happy Thanksgiving! *tIO x

1 comment:

Poppy Gets a Life said...

Hello tIO!

Thanks for following me and my blog! I see you work in consulting, so I'm sure you can empathise with where I have come from in my previous job.

I do love your gravy boats, and I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.

All the best,
Poppy xox


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