16 November 2009

Banner Day! with NottyPooch

Today's banner comes to us from the clever and crafty Etsy shop of NottyPooch:

Based in Penang, Malaysia, Huey and Wah are the two owners of NottyPooch design and own two naughty pooches, Xiao Bi and Coco, the shop's namesakes. They are also responsible for all of the cleverness and craftiness that results in their "eco recycled banner accessories and cool tshirts".

Here are some examples of their beautifully transformed banners:

Eco Recycled Banner Sleeve - MacBook / MacBook Pro 13-inch No. 3 <-- a sleeve for Macbook  
Eco Recycled Banner Casing - iPhone 3G / iPod touch / iPod No. 1 <-- an iPhone case

Eco Recycled Billboard Banner Casual Tote No. 2 <-- a casual tote  
CLEARANCE Eco Recycled Billboard Banner Long Wallet No. 6 <-- a long wallet

Clever and crafty, right? In production on Etsy since early 2008, the duo can also be found tending to their blog: 
http://www.nottypooch.com/mydogdiary/, fanning their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/nottypooch, and following (and being followed) on twitter: @nottypooch.

With their backgrounds in the fine arts, passion for life, and commitment to producing great, practical accessories in eco-friendly materials, NottyPooch provides us all with another fun "reason to be unique". Two paws up for that! And for the free international shipping!

Toddling off to the antiques shops now, lovelies, to do some recycling and eco-friendly shopping of my own. Make it a banner day!

1 comment:

Huey said...

Thanks for featuring our shop in your wonderful blog! :)


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