31 March 2010

Lamb, again?

Can it be? Is this possible? March has come and gone, for us, like a:

Though I googled it, I found no significance of that; no one seems to know (or possibly care) what happens if March comes in like a lamb and leaves it like that as well. Perhaps I've already spent too much time on this. So I will wish you a showery April. Please note I said 'showery' and not 'torrential flooding'. And although we may have had it easy comparatively, our back garden (and those of our neighbors) are veritable squidgy fields of mud. It's the kind of mud in which shoes get stuck and faces get splattered. But, thankfully, though we get dirty we can get clean.

Happy spring, lovelies!   tIO x

PS: For those of you asking (or wondering out-loud to yourselves), I have not abandoned either the 'banner day' or 'mid-week music'. Nor have the conundrums been forgotten. I have quite a few of the former in queue, and the latter strike me as impolitic as of late. But stay tuned... x

PPS: A reminder that today is 'Educator Day' at The Learned Owl. Support your independents!

27 March 2010

Happy is as Happy Does

As a little blog in the blog pond, I am always surprised when someone comments or follows. So when I was recently paid a high compliment by the lovely Jeanne at Collage of Life, I was humbled, honored, and delighted. Jeanne's blogs are full of encouragement and beauty, and are a wonderful respite on any day. Thank you, Jeanne, my 'blog warrior' friend, for sharing your inspirations. Oh, how I do love an award with cupcakes! x

When receiving an award, one is instructed to do the following:
1. Post-back to thank the person who recognized you. Naturally, etiquette is observed.
2. Offer 10 things that make you happy. Though I've noticed straying from that number is acceptable.
and 3. Pass along the award to 10 bloggers who make you happy. Which may not be such an easy task!

So, in an attempt to respect the set limits, here are "10 things that make [me] happy":
Finding a good math curriculum
My boys, who aren't 'things', and their tromping through mud, flying arrows, skinned knees, voracious appetites, and flashing eyes
French toast, lemon bars, and potatoes
The color red

Now, it is my happy honor to pass along the above award to the following bloggers, each of whom is a delight for their kind words, sweet thoughts, and good times:


Chatting at the Sky
Daily Violets
High Street Market
Home Girl
Pillar Box Post
Sweet Puffins
The Indomitably Courageous U

Glancing through my blogroll, it is replete with wonderful reads from diverse, happy people. For those so inclined, please peruse to your heart's content! Or as my husband says: "So many blogs, so little time, huh?" Exactly.

Here's to a happy day, blogfriends!   tIO x

26 March 2010

"Apply ice."

I am recovering from dental surgery today. This is my new friend:

Isn't it cute? It can be found on my face - and also online at the 
Gal Pal shop. I'm thinking of making a new cover for it with some left-over Cath Kidston fabric. When I'm better and can be upright for more than 30 minutes, that is. By-the-way, it took me longer to fill-out paperwork and get numb than to have the actual surgery. Amazing. I raise my ice pack to you, Dr Hess! He has mad skills - and is a Yankees fan. Bonus.

Here's to a peaceful weekend.   tIO x

PS: It's interesting how wonderful a hotdog smells when you cannot eat solid food and won't be able to for two more days. But don't cry for me, blogfriends; I drink milkshakes every other hour on the hour. Unfortunately, my DH has suggested that he might slip-one-in of the meat variety. And I am quite sure he's not joking. *wrinkles face in disgust*   xx

02 March 2010

On a farm in 1974 near Xi'an...

The First Emperor, Qin Shihuangdi, came up in conversation today - several times.
Time for a quick trip into DC where the following are in residence until 31 March:

Terra Cotta Warriors

http://www.terracottawarriorexhibit.com/ and http://www.nationalgeographic.com/terracottawarriors/index.html for more information.


I hear, I know. I see, I remember. I do, I understand. -- Confucius

Have a wonderful day, blog warriors.   tIO x

01 March 2010

Lion v Lamb

To answer the burning question:

which, according to the idiom, does not bode well, weather-wise, for the rest of the year.

It may be against the norm, but it has happened before - proof via
Edith Holden's 'Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady':
March has come in like a lamb with a warm wind‥from the South-west."

Have a wild and woolly one!   tIO x

PS: For more information - or a more salient response to the whole "lion v lamb" question, check-out 
"The Weather Guys" - and click-on their link to Jack Horkheimer's explanation as well.


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