24 November 2009

Banner Day! with Lupin

Hot off the blogpresses! Today's 'banner day' is courtesy of the lovely Laura Howard, a tea-drinking, cake-eating artisan who "wants to fill the world with felt loveliness," as she states on her facebook fan page. And yes, if it wasn't obvious already, I am a fan. Elsewhere, she can be found stocking her wonderful Etsy shop, Lupin; hosting her blog, Bugs and Fishes; and tweeting here: @bugsandfishes.

Laura's post from today -
"How To: Advent Garland" - was too fabulous (and simple) to not share with you all. Please click-through the previous link for her tutorial.

Time to pile the boys into the Q7 and go 'supply hunting'. (I have to make it sound adventurous and possibly dangerous as they are boys. And I love it when they are excited about shopping - whatever the reason!)

Have a banner day!

PS: Some snaps from Laura's 
Lupin shop:

2 Christmas Pudding Ornaments   Fox, felt brooch   Little Robin ornament

I may or may not have already purchased these. Perhaps last year even. And perhaps with a sweet blue adonis butterfly brooch as well. 'Tis the season! tIO x

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