12 May 2009

Pretty Funny in Plaid

(Note: this review was originally drafted on 6 May 2009. TIO regrets the delay in posting.)

Well, it's over.
The book, that is.
Pretty in Plaid.
You know.

I am actually still laughing because the last 20 pages were hilarity-inducing. The whipped cream, fudge, nuts, cherry, AND sprinkles of the book.

And I literally fell off the sofa.

Pretty in Plaid made me giggle at first, in a polite "I'm-trying-to-fit-in-at-your-house-during-this-rush-party" way. Admittedly, it took awhile for me to ease into hearing a woman's voice inside an eight-year-old's story. But as the years progressed and Jeni's wardrobe expanded, I really started to understand how her experiences and environments shaped who she is, the 'Jen' she's become.

In her first three books, Jen Lancaster covered approximately eight years and journaled her career flourishes and follies. With PiP, she started at the beginning (a very good place to start). For her to condense 25 pre-graduation years into one book, however, was ambitious. But it worked and worked well. I went back in time with her to the formative days of amibition (read: Girl Scouts), the satirical days before prom, and days full of ennui in college. But whether or not Jen went to prom is not what capitvates: her transition from satirist to sartorialist engages and is - best of all - witty. In the end, Jen's forthrightness and willingness to not take herself too seriously is what attracts. It is endearing and for that I will follow her every (c)logged step.

Cheers, Jen. The late night was worth it...again.

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