29 December 2009

tIO Combo: Banner Day! meets Mid-week Music

As we close-out 2009, I decided to celebrate by combining the final 'Banner Day' and 'Mid-week Music' posts of the year: a special 'combo' post of banners famous, not-so-famous, and even infamous - ending with a musical celebration of our 'Banner'. Take a look (and listen):

The online newpaper, 
the Provincetown Banner, and its 'wicked local' information.

The Banner Art Collective "creates, collects, and distributes net.art and poetry within the limitations and context of web adverts".

Flag House logo
The Star Spangled Banner Flag House, "home of Mary Pickersgill, maker of the flag that inspired Francis Scott Key's famous poem that later became our national anthem".

 Incredible Hulk Body Costume Green T-Shirt
Be "the Hulk", aka 
"Bruce Banner". You know it's cool.

Ace Banner's "Unfurl Yourself" Program: Ace Banner has been "manufacturing custom fabric displays since 1916". The "Unfurl Yourself" program is the company's "way of giving back to a non-profit each year in the form of banners and other signage for their annual event". 

'Banner Cloud': the peak's flag (shown here on the Matterhorn, the best site for its formation)

What-to-do on/around 
Banner Street, London EC1Y. And some know-before-you-go: EC1 history.

Rock on, lovelies! And I'll see you next year.  tIO x

Today's conundrum: Can you drink too much hot cocoa? Computer says "no".

Future conundrum: Is it right to want world peace and tougher sentencing for parole violators? Gracie-Lou thinks so.

Thanks for perusing this blog; blog you again soon!

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