07 December 2009

Banner Day! with Bookity

As I continue to search for banners to celebrate and feature, my blog folder and Etsy favorites are filling-up dramatically! So many creative people out there; I love it!

Today's creative banner is courtesy of the wonderful 
Bookity. In business since August, Bookity's mission is to recycle unwanted, unusable books, hence the clever name. Here's her engaging Etsy shop banner to start: 

The simplicity and charm of these creations, especially this banner - the "Paper Shakespearean" garland, is what I adore most:

Paper Shakespearian tree or room garland
And frankly, I like to say the shop name: "Bookity". So catchy!

More Bookity inspirations:

Red and gold freestanding clock made from a vintage book     Hanging paper holiday ornaments for tree or room - nature book illustrations     Literary quote pinback brooch in black and white - she has read too many books and it has addled her brain     Purple and pink handbag made from a vintage book

She may be based in
Reading UK (which is wonderful planning on her part, really), but she ships internationally, happily upgrades shipping if you ask, and invites custom orders "in the spirit of adventure and the creation of shiny things". Best of all is Bookity's motto: "have sewing machine, will make." In fact, I think it's this 'inveterate optimism' that pervades and draws me in! "That's the spirit!" I cry. And the ticket to beautiful, repurposed, handmade items from Bookity. Check it out.

This week, in the calm before the storm, I am going to try to catch up on some reading, 
Wolf Hall in particular.

So... 'read on, McDuff', and make it a banner day!   tIO x

PS: Find more Bookity at the
Bookity blog, on Facebook at the Bookity fan page, and on twitter at @bookityshop.

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