10 December 2009

"Dear Diary..."

It will soon be a 'New Year' - which means it's time for a new diary. Perhaps given (or received) as a present? Regardless, here are some of my favorites to write down all of your appointments (and disappointments, if you're not an optimist):

1.Turquoise Leather Slim Memo 2010 Diary,  Liberty of London 2.12 months - Daily Planner - Red hard cover - Large  3.Freehand machine embroired bird applique diary 2010
4.German Living Language 2010 Desk Calendar (5.25 " x 5.0 ")  5.2010 Zenbelly Planner
6.  7.Keep Calm and Carry Spoof - Printable 2010 Calendar
8.   9.Monet Paintings Pocket 2010 Agenda or Diary 
10.Image11.Polka Dot 2010 Diary

1.Liberty of London Turquoise Leather Slim Memo Diary, 2.Moleskine 12months Daily Planner, 3.Bird Applique Diary by tailormade on Etsy, 4.German Page-a-Day Calendar available at amazon.com, 5.Zenbelly Planner by zenbelly on Etsy, 6.Puzzle Calendar from V&A Museum Shop, 7.Keep Calm Spoof Printable by littlebrownpen on Etsy, 8.Neverending Adhesive-Tape Calendar at V&A Museum Shop, 9.Monet Pocket Diary, available at amazon.com, 10.Filofax Diary Refills, and 11.Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot Diary

If you carry your diary electronically, as many of us do now, why not reminisce a bit and read one of these diaries this year? Perhaps on your Kindle.
a.The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady, 1906: A Facsimile Reproduction of a Naturalist's Diaryb.The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible
c.d.Bridget Jones's Diary
e.The Diary af a Nobody

a.The Country Diary of An Edwardian Lady, by Edith Holden, b.The Year of Living Biblically, by A.J.Jacobs, c.When Wanderers Cease to Roam by Vivian Swift, d.Bridget Jones' Diary by Helen Fielding, and e.Diary of a Nobody by George Grossmith

Now time to get scheduling! But not too much; don't forget to be a Ferdinand every once in a while. (Better schedule that, too, right? *grins*)

Happy Christmas! And happiest of new diaries -and comfortable schedules- to you.  tIO x

1 comment:

SherryQ said...

Thank you, Ms. I. Optimist ;) I will indeed be keeping my Ferdinand-ishness alive and well tended! :) xo


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