20 December 2009

Five days and counting...

The anticipation is ramping-up in our house.

Carols are the random song-of-choice, and daily we hear the exclamation: it's almost here! Indeed.

Our shopping might be finished, but the chore of keeping the presents hidden remains. We don't have snoopers, which is a good thing; but it is tiring.

And I end up having weird dreams about camels traipsing through the field and into our back garden.

Today's conundrum: Will the traditional 'Christmas pajamas' arrive this year? Or will we be left with a "ships after Christmas" promise?

Future conundrum: Is the idiom 'happy is as happy does' legitimate? Is it, in fact, an idiom?

Thanks for perusing this blog; blog you again soon! And happy Christmas, kringles!  tIO x

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