19 October 2009

Birkenstocks, Balenciaga, and the ankle that tore them apart

It was a sunny day today in my part of the world. Cool, but sunny.

But I didn't need sunglasses to see through the brightness: I needed them to hide from anyone whose opinion I value and possibly know, respect, or admire.

I wore these today:

with these:

Yes, we all know about my broken ankle and the related "fall-out"; and that, due to these issues, I am "urged" to wear the Birks 24/7. But the secret is ... they're comfortable - in more ways than one. In fact, I haven't been without a pair of 38/Arizona/taupe suede sandals since 1989. Why should I be? They make me happy. And they're comfortable.

They say nothing of my style, however, and that is their great short-coming. My dream shoes are the Balenciaga gladiator boots from S/S 08: I think I actually gasped when I saw them for the first time. Here they are as modelled by the lovely Jennifer Connelly:

Some may argue that Birks ARE a style, on their own. Needing no justification or alarming accoutrements or Spanx undergarments to flatter. Just a good brushing and spot-cleaning to stay looking neat and tidy. They even float! And they're comfortable.

But, to me, Birks will always be just a little bit uncouth. You cannot, despite many earnest attempts, 'dress-them-up'. Or wear them without looking a touch unkempt. Especially with skirts, my garment of choice. In fact, wearing them with skirts (regardless the hem-length) raises more eyebrows than if I choose to wear shorts, trousers, jeans, capris, or culottes. I wear them and hear myself silently shouting: "YOU LOOK LIKE YOU DON'T CARE AND YOU DO!" As I've grown older, the shouting has become more insistent. But so has the soft, sweet voice crooning the need for comfort. And they're comfortable.

I can foresee a phase when I both won't wear Birks - and won't want to wear them: the day my oldest leaves for college I will place my 38/Arizona/taupe suedes on a shelf for a few years, until my youngest graduates. For right now, however, I choose to keep them on my feet or next to the bed. Because right now they're a necessity. They also provide me with some unfettered humor. And they're comfortable.

I was told tonight by a good friend that, had she seen me today, she would have forgiven me: "It was cold!" And had I seen her I would have been hoping that either she wouldn't notice or would kid me about them in her cheerful, 'life's-too-short' way. But I know she would have accepted the truth when I told her: "I need to be comfortable. And they're comfortable."

Today's conundrum: "British Racing Green" or "You Don't Know Jacques"?

Future conundrum: Will there be something to replace titanium in repairing broken bones? When? Will it be better?

Thanks for perusing this blog; blog you again soon!


Betsy/Jane said...

I think you gasped when you saw the gladiator boots becasue they are very scary looking! I think I would most definately choose Birks! Ps--I have a "six degrees of separation" thing with Jennifer C...

SherryQ said...

I feel your moment, I really really do... d_a_n_g


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