26 October 2009

It's a Banner Day!

I'm starting something new on tIO: banner days.

What are "Banner Days", you ask?

Let's start from the very beginning (don't sing it without me). The definition of 'banner', from the Merriam-Webster online:

banner \ˈba-nər\ Etymology: Middle English banere, from Anglo-French, of Germanic origin; akin to Gothic bandwo sign; probably akin to Greek phainein to show

'Banner' is a NOUN 

Date: 13th century
1 a : a piece of cloth attached by one edge to a staff and used by a leader (as a monarch or feudal lord) as his standard b : flag c : an ensign displaying a distinctive or symbolic device or legend; especially : one presented as an award of honor or distinction
2 : a headline in large type running across a newspaper page
3 : a strip of cloth on which a sign is painted s stretched across the street>
4 : a name, slogan, or goal associated with a particular group or ideology —often used withunder
5 : an advertisement graphic that runs usually across the top of a web page

'Banner' is an ADJECTIVE

Date: 1840
1 : prominent in support of a political party
2 : distinguished from all others especially in excellence

'Banner' is a VERB

Date: 1889
1 : to furnish with a banner
2 : to print (as a news story) under a banner usually on the front page

I firmly believe in banners. They are heralds: markers of identity and camaraderie. They symbolise loyalty and confidence. Joy in declaration; signifiers in defeat. Predictably, one of my favorite lyrics from a song (an alma mater actually) extols the banner: "Unfurl your banner into the sky, hurray, hurray, hurray!" Simply put, banners are optimistic. Inveterately, so. And as such, this blogger has decided to have some "banner days". Starting with today. And starting with this:

A lovely local-to-me shop. (I love it when they're local!) The proprietors, Angie and Tyson Lamielle, are out-of-the-box thinkers who create seriously wonderful art and not-too-serious hand-crafted home decor. Check out their blog:
http://cantonboxcompany.blogspot.com/ and/or follow them on Twitter. And here's the banner in their etsy shop that caught my eye.

I'm off and running now. Make it a banner day, kids!

Thanks for perusing this blog; blog you again soon!

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Canton Box Company said...

Thanks for featuring us! Love your blog!


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