17 October 2009

My New BFF: Lonny!

I am giggling like a schoolgirl.

I just met 
Lonny, and I am smitten! (Thank you, Kelly - of the wonderful High Street Market - and Betsy, talented designer at "Manor Drive Sweatshop", for the introduction! X)

So, who is Lonny, you ask? Not who, lovelies; Lonny is a what. A jewel in the form of an online design magazine, conceived of and edited by Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline.

After a solid two hours of clicking through its 'pages',
here is a top-line summary of Issue #1:

Firstly: it's online - but I can print the pages I love (which means I'll be buying a lot more ink cartridges).

Secondly: the premiere issue includes Kate Townsend-Simpson, Eddie Ross, Ron Marvin, Carolina Irving, Grace Bonney, Laurent Girard and Leonora Mahle, and Deborah Needleman. Um... hello!

Thirdly: it's 195 pages! And the click-throughs! Oh, the click-throughs. To nearly every item and on every advert. (Yes, adverts - from online-only shops as well as traditional bricks-and-mortar outlets.)

Finally: it's thoughtfully produced and edited. And though it will require me to prop my laptop on the treadmill handles, I can manage. For now. Until it's released on Kindle (hint, hint).

As someone who has been lamenting the (un)timely passing of her favorite magazines - Blueprint, Domino, House&Garden, Southern Accents, to name a few, the business acumen and industry instincts behind Lonny just might have the moxie and savvy to recreate (and lead) the mag market in the 21st Century. And it's pretty!

So don't wait! Click through up there or 
here to the lovely Lonny - the fresh-faced, gorgeously-produced, web-based love note to design.

LYLAS, Lonny!

Today's conundrum: Why can't I choose exactly which 712 channels I want on my cable package? Isn't the technology available for that yet?

Future conundrum: Is it true that the more we try to be individuals, the more alike we become?

Thanks for perusing this blog; blog you again soon!


Betsy said...

I told you about this magazine at Kepner's! Remember...I said I didn't like online because I need something tangible--plus my eyesight is failing me and I can't see my screen!

the Inveterate Optimist said...

Gosh - I do remember! Chock it up to old age (or the barometric pressure)...and the beverages. And now I will edit you in! xx


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