31 March 2010

Lamb, again?

Can it be? Is this possible? March has come and gone, for us, like a:

Though I googled it, I found no significance of that; no one seems to know (or possibly care) what happens if March comes in like a lamb and leaves it like that as well. Perhaps I've already spent too much time on this. So I will wish you a showery April. Please note I said 'showery' and not 'torrential flooding'. And although we may have had it easy comparatively, our back garden (and those of our neighbors) are veritable squidgy fields of mud. It's the kind of mud in which shoes get stuck and faces get splattered. But, thankfully, though we get dirty we can get clean.

Happy spring, lovelies!   tIO x

PS: For those of you asking (or wondering out-loud to yourselves), I have not abandoned either the 'banner day' or 'mid-week music'. Nor have the conundrums been forgotten. I have quite a few of the former in queue, and the latter strike me as impolitic as of late. But stay tuned... x

PPS: A reminder that today is 'Educator Day' at The Learned Owl. Support your independents!

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