01 April 2010

April Food Day 2010

April Food Day 2010

The Who Farm is up and running. Jamie's revolution is gaining momentum. And Feeding America is providing food to 37 million Americans, including 14 million children, and food and groceries to 33,500 food pantries, 4,500 soup kitchens and 3,600 emergency shelters, most of which are run entirely by corps of volunteers.

Visit the
AprilFoodDay blog and Feeding America site for more information and to donate. Also check-out Local Harvest for information on and locations of community supported agriculture and farmers' markets in your area.

"...the interests of agriculture, the employment of our first parents in Eden,
(are) the happiest we can follow, and the most important to our country."
                                                                          - Thomas Jefferson

It's planting time!   tIO x

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