26 March 2010

"Apply ice."

I am recovering from dental surgery today. This is my new friend:

Isn't it cute? It can be found on my face - and also online at the 
Gal Pal shop. I'm thinking of making a new cover for it with some left-over Cath Kidston fabric. When I'm better and can be upright for more than 30 minutes, that is. By-the-way, it took me longer to fill-out paperwork and get numb than to have the actual surgery. Amazing. I raise my ice pack to you, Dr Hess! He has mad skills - and is a Yankees fan. Bonus.

Here's to a peaceful weekend.   tIO x

PS: It's interesting how wonderful a hotdog smells when you cannot eat solid food and won't be able to for two more days. But don't cry for me, blogfriends; I drink milkshakes every other hour on the hour. Unfortunately, my DH has suggested that he might slip-one-in of the meat variety. And I am quite sure he's not joking. *wrinkles face in disgust*   xx

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