09 February 2010

Smooth Operator

"No need to ask." It's Sade: poetry wrapped in dulcet tones and red/hot/blue jazz. Her words carried me through humid summers and frigid winters in my youth. Listening again, I realise there was depth and truth in them that I could not have known then. But I hear it now and it's wonderful. Like a favorite book I've picked-up to read again and found that I'd skipped whole chapters.

In the interim, I have grown older (certainly) and wiser (thankfully). And I have lived. 
True, I may not have been to Somalia; but in my own way I have collected pearls by the side of the road. I have cherished the day. I have felt like the king of sorrows, experienced the sweetest taboo, and been implored to hang on to my love. And all-the-while wondering how I was going to make a living. It may sound all heart-break and loneliness, but I hear hope and courage. Optimism. With undertones of soundness of spirit. Perhaps I naturally inject a bit more humor into things, but still...  My heart warms when I hear that first song again:

Good Tuesday, blogfriends. Thanks for perusing this blog; blog you again soon.   tIO x

PS: Could I leave Sade alone without Spandau Ballet? No. My girlish memories forbid it.

1 comment:

preppyplayer said...

Whenever I hear Sade- I immediately am transported poolside with the smell of coppertone.
She was my go-to for a few summers.


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