11 February 2010

Baby Peach

Our nightly post-dinner habit of MarioKart for Wii has turned ugly. My sons (and husband) demand to know how this:

driving this (shown here with Baby Luigi):


continuously bests them in this race:

My response: Baby Peach is an Italian (with English, Scottish, and German heritage as well) who majored in physics at university. And no one drifts like she does on the Bullet Bike.

Hang in there, Karters; Friday's coming.   tIO x

PS: As regards this post, I did not lose a bet; I simply asked my children what I should post. This was their mutual - and immediate - response.

PPS: Please consult the time before you phone us in the evenings. If it's between 6:30-7:30pm EST, I encourage you to wait a bit. Having to pause the game really messes with the Peach's mojo.

(All images via MarioWiki.)

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