07 January 2010

Snow Advisory

We are in a bit of a winter wonderland at the moment...

with an additional 8-15" expected in the coming 36 hours.

Needless-to-say my hibernation gene kicked-in this week...

along with my propensity to 'get-out-and-romp-in-the-snow'.

So please forgive my absence while I do all-of-the-above with two very cute boys and 
Jane Eyre.
I'll be back next week. Enjoy your week(end), lovelies!   tIO x

PS: I'll be painting my nails with this gorgeous new shade (with the off-color name), 
"Dickweed", from the BleachBlack girls:
It has moxie and is one of my favorite colors: turquoise. And if the name bothers you, just pretend that your are saying 'thank you' in
Czech: "DÄ›kuji", pronounced "DIK-wee". (Right, Meredith and Lisa?)   Ta!


Elise said...

just what I needed today.... great post, thank you !!

Lewis William said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the Inveterate Optimist said...

Hi, Elise! Thanks for the comment; so glad you stopped-by! tIO x

Beth Dunn said...

Looks pretty!


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