17 January 2010

In the Meantime

My father had knee surgery; my stomach decided it didn't like food; and my mini-break turned into a 10-day blogging hiatus. As I've not fully returned to 'normal' (no comments from the peanut gallery), please bear with me. In-the-meantime, hear this:

(youtube embed from soimayvent)

In case you need something else to occupy the time, please enjoy this little science activity my younger son has recently enjoyed: 

Yes - it is a 'virtual knee replacement surgery'. After his 43rd successful "replacement", he was convinced that he had the training to perform "Grandpa's surgery" and offered himself as a consult. Perhaps he can consult on the rehab, which he's decided should include Wii MarioKart.

Today's conundrum: Are semi-colons ever really necessary? If so, when?

Future conundrum: Will every word which begins with 'c' be rewritten/degraded with a 'k' at some point? E.g. cool = 'kool' and crazy = 'krazy' and my personal favorite classy = 'klassy'. Any others katch your eye?

Thanks for perusing this blog; blog you again soon!  tIO x

PS: I've labelled this with a "Yankees" tag in honor of my dad's recovery. And in case he reads this.

1 comment:

Town and Country Mom said...

You kracked me up! Mr. T&C and I both dislike the description "classy," since it is neither tasteful nor elegant, so whenever something falls a little short, we jokingly say, "Now, that's classy with a capital K."


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