05 February 2006

It's all about the XL

Detroit: the Bus stops there.

"This is the inveterate optimist SuperBowl special. Reporting live from the heart of Cardiac Kids country..."

Today will be an interesting day in sports. Superbowl XL + the run-up to the winter olympics = hyper-happy-drive. Anything going on in tennis or world cup or yachting that I should know about? I am relieved that Madden finally made it into the HoF. Reggie White, too. But Aikman? I'm optimistic(inveterately) that someone out there has a D-fence for that one, and I'd like to hear it. Why not LC? - or Richard Dent? By-the-way, da Bears have more HoFers than any other team. "Time there was a time there was a time..." But, now..." Here we sit waiting for 6:18pm EST. Waiting for that clean-shaven no.7 to take the field and take command. Waiting for the Bus to run - and run - and run. Waiting for the hype to over-Alexander-ate the reality. Waiting for something to better "wassup" or Nike. Waiting for Polamalu. Waiting for Monday to officially quarterback the game.

Today's conundrum: Are gummi bears truly gummi and bears? Or are they harvested and candied from their Black Forest homes as my husband terrifyingly proposes to our children?

Future conundrum: Why, when we are freed by our salvation in Christ, are we still tethered to our freedom-less sin? Makes me think, and think, and think...and then act, with His help and encouragement.

Thanks for perusing this blog. Blog you again soon!

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