25 February 2006

Mommies are cool (among other things)

Congratulations to Ben! - and that team from Pittsburgh, too. The recovery post-XL was short and sweet. Unfortunately, the hacking-cough-sinister-sinus-slime virus hit shortly thereafter, and our fight, while valiant and vigilant, is ongoing. Thanks to a little something called the immune system, and a little something else called antibiotics, recovery is imminent. Amazing, isn't it, how wonderfully we are made?

So, I piled the family into the car this morning, and trekked off to the Starbucks for a latte. (I really should buy a stove-top espresso-maker. Much cheaper to "make-your-own".) Then, we walked, scootered, and tricycled through the green, and stopped at the shops. BTW - I'm always thankful for those establishments that buck the trend on opening/closing times. For me, part of the thrill of shopping is to have the impression that the world is completely unaware that you are getting something wonderful. Then, you have the thrill of springing it on them later at a most amazing and opportune time. At a lovely little shop two doors from the toys and trains, I bought a ring. Well, it's a ring to me; others more likely use it to whip unruly locks into a chignon. Now, my children think I can grow a flower on my finger. "One of my many talents," I tell them. Mommys are so cool.

Today's conundrum: At what point do you have enough? I've been giving considerable thought to the book "The Number". I haven't read it yet, but its concept thoroughly intrigues me. You should know that I believe money to be the root of all evil. Having it - and any form of it - bears great responsibility. I worry about stepping-back and gaining perspective on what it means for my children, and raising them to be respectful stewards of all that's been given to us by God. Apart from Him we are - and have - nothing.

Future conundrum: Although I love them, are EZ-Passes, IPasses, or whatever they've named them in your area really tools used by the government to track your every move? Are we being lulled into denial by convenience and our obvious excitement about all-things-tech?

Thanks for perusing this blog. Blog you again soon!

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