23 January 2006

Bears win! Bears win!...

Oh, wait. I already tried that. The Steelers won, which is good, and now Ben will get a chance to shave and dress for THE big game. I won't watch, and maybe he'll win. That's not inveterate optimism; that's just what you do to help your team win. That's why I miss whole seasons of Yankees games, particularly 1996 through 1999. Right now, I'm wondering if I should have watched less Alias and ignored Keen Eddie altogether.

By the way, today's mantra is "forgiveness". In the memorable words of Ken Medema: Give it up...let it go...throw it down.

Today's conundrum: Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? I loved that show, and the computer game. Please note that while I enjoyed my childhood/youth, I do not want/desire my children to relive my life. However, I certainly think that the value/enjoyment of that show/game would be beneficial to them. Do it Rockapella!

Future conundrum - Will animal prints, either in decor or in fashion, ever truly be stylish? OK...stylish, maybe, but classy? Tasteful?

Thanks for perusing this blog. Blog you again soon!

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