15 September 2012

Just a Bill

I have a post that is sitting in 'drafts'. It's waiting to be published, like so many others, biding its time. But this post keeps popping up from my sub-conscience. It tries to get my attention again and again. It keeps reminding me of itself in conversations I have with friends. In conversations with family. In conversations with myself. Mostly in conversations with myself. But it has to wait, along with the others, because I am staunchly opposed to posting it right now.

And I have live-out-loud boys, a thoughtful-if-tromping husband who stretches my thoughts to the larger world, a house which drives me to distraction, and a Welsh puppy who noses my elbow and licks my toes.

So .. not yet, shouty post. I am adamant. Despite the fact that it is the reason I have not posted these many months. I am adamant. You 
will become an actual post one day. Until then, I leave you with this:

Today's conundrum: Am I waiting in vain for that vendor to call-back?

Future conundrum: Will the local NBC all-weather, all-the-time channel ever change its music?

Thanks for perusing; see you again soon.  tIOx

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